Brandon Vlog 1 – The Journey Begins Are You Ready?

Day 1 of my Video Log  holy crap on a cracker ,

It has been just over 4 months since I talked about my transition and the changes I had to go through to get where I am today, it has been such a short time.  In just 4 months I have worked with some really amazing people, been speaking for groups, businesses…etc been interviewed on Radio shows and local TV like RogersTV.  I have even been asked to host my own RogersTV show in Mississauga which I am currently working out the details. On Top of all that I’m writing my first book that I will be publishing. So a lot of exciting things happening.

Now I’ve decided that I am going to video log everything I am doing, showing exactly how I am going to write my book from start to finish, how I’m going to publish it, market it…etc and everything else I am working on while I am working on my book be it interviews, projects, TV Show…etc Also  How I’m doing everything including the trials and challenges I go through, also the successes. There are several people out there who are reading this right now thinking this is stupid if you want to be an expert just show the wins, I don’t care about if you have challenges why does this matter to me. My answer to that is this, all of us are unique and have different lifestyles, concerns, goals…etc. If we get everything we ask for and there is no challenge to obtain it we don’t appreciate the value of it. That is why it’s hard work to be successful and if we can learn what not to do and why it makes the process easier.

There are people reading this right now who have take courses on personal develop, how to write a book…etc but are not putting it into action for whatever reason. If I show you what I do and if it sparks you to get mad at me and frustrated I am making stupid mistakes and you end up writing your one book just to show me how to do it. Guess what? that’s exactly my goal doing this, I don’t care where you are in your business or process, my goal is to see if my journey can help you get to that next level.

I have seen millions of success books, audio’s…etc for us to learn from but I haven’t seen as of yet, someone who was willing to take you through the entire journey and provide a resource of the entire process with no filters. The long sleepless nights, the blocks that come up…etc and then show you in real time how they get through it. Welcome to this video log 🙂

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