Brandon “The Twitter Doctor” Krieger Unpacks Blue Yeti Pro Microphone

Un Packing of my NEW Blue Yeti Pro Microphone

As you can see I am building up Video & Audio Recording equipment to provide better information and training. When you are looking at making video/audio products you want to make sure you have the right equipment. I found hands down when it came to Audio clarity Blue Microphones were the product to go with.

I haven’t been doing video’s in a while because I really wanted to provide good quality video’s and products for my Business Friends. For example I was going to do an e-book on how to build your Twitter account but I have decided because video has become so big I am going to do a video training and show you exactly what I do to build my Twitter account.

Here is a question for you, if I was going to charge for this information how much would you pay?  $20, $35, $50…etc How much would you be willing to spend? Comment below to let me know your thoughts.

Love & Chi,

Brandon “The Twitter Doctor” Krieger HLC, ITIL, PPS

Social Technologies Coach, Twitter Doctor & Professional Speaker

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