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Are You living with Back Pain?

Sitting in my doctors office and hearing that I would I have no choice but to have surgery to finally heal my back after a motorcycle accident was the last straw.

I have had back issues stemming back to having being hip-checked into the boards while playing indoor soccer. It felt as if I’d torn my glut, lower back and hip muscles, and lying on the floor in pain was one the worst things I have ever felt…little did I know that it wouldn’t be the last.  Over the years, I had to go to consistent treatments with chiropractors, physiotherapist and doctors with only a few weeks or so of pain relief…then something abrupt would happen, or I would twist the wrong way, and my back would go out. It would feel like someone took a big long knife stabbed me in the back and then twisted it. That’s how much it would hurt when my back went out. I had X-rays, ultra sounds, etc. with no solution to my problem; just pain management.

To make matters worse, I had a motorcycle accident while doing twisties (riding through winding roads) on my racing bike in a small town near by. I was in a turn going 100km or so an hour, having the bike leaned over and trying to keep the bike from touching down, when all of sudden my bike tire hit gravel in the turn. It put me directly into on coming traffic and another bike was coming straight for me. I stood up my bike and dodged the on-coming one, but I headed straight for the ditch. I had no time to react, I hit the ditch and went head over heals on my bike, hitting my head, shoulder and further injuring my back. Of course, I was back in the hospital for a while (I don’t remember how long because I had short term amnesia).

Weeks went by and my back wasn’t getting better, so I bit the bullet and went to my family doctor. She told me she wanted me to do an MRI and discovered disc L5-S1 was herniated and degenerated…I had no choice but to have surgery to fuse my spine to finally heal my back. She told me I would have to come back in 3 months to start running test for my surgery.

After the appointment, I went home and googled “doctor”, “my surgery” and “treatment”. I found that they were going to fuse my spine, I would lose a mobility and there was a high chance the surgery wouldn’t reduce the pain. I’m in Martial arts, love to play sports, go dancing, work out…this potential outcome was not ok with me.

I decided to do some research and learned, with help with some friends (an Athletic therapist and a Osteopathic practitioner), that I was eventually able to heal my back fully within 3 months, and to this day it feels great.  I went back to my doctor to tell her…even she didn’t believe me, asking me what recreational drugs was I taking (cocaine, heroin, crack) because my back shouldn’t have healed that quickly. I found a way to heal my back and kept up with the protocol I setup for myself, and to this day am able to keep my back pain free. I currently work in a clinic where I help implement what I have learned to help people with similar problems, and also work with clients all around the world, helping them to resolve their back pain issues.

If you suffer from back pain like I did, I want to help you — I want to show you the how I was able to heal my back within 3 months without surgery!

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