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Day 2 of his Fasting

Day 2 of my 39 day Juice fast and it is rough. Today I have been feeling tired and very low energy. I know it takes a few days for the body to adapted and go into Ketosis where the body starts eating away at the waste in my body.  I have not had any time today to read today and I booked off my clients because I knew it was going to be a rough few days.

I highly recommend that if you are thinking of doing a fast you first consult with your doctor if you are on any medication, then consult with practitioner who is experienced with fasts and cleanses. The reason why I say that is because there is a mindset you first have to prepare for and get ready. Second with people around you they are going to ask all types of questions, why are you doing, you are stupid for starving yourself…etc. Third you have to be in a relaxed state while you are going through this because if you are not the stress is going to cause your cortisol (stress hormones) to increase. This reaction makes you want more energy in the form of carbohydrates. Then there’s the bodies reaction to the fast, hunger pains, low energy, mood swings, short temper…etc  Which if you prepare yourself you wouldn’t have a problem.

I will keep posting over the next 37 days on my progress and what I have been up too. Right now just to let the people who love facts and figures. Right now I am 208lbs and 16% body fat as of today.  I am expecting to go down to 185lbs and 6 to 8% body fat by the end of the fast.

On Thursday I should be feeling better which I can think more clearly and I will provide some fact and history on Fasting.

Love and Chi

Brandon Krieger


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