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I hope everyone had a great New Year’s Eve night and has started off 2012 with a lot of motivation and goals in mind. I would love to hear what your goals are for 2012, so please comment below or where you see this post.

Today I want to explore Resolutions and Setting Goals because I see a lot of people commenting on “How to Set Goals” for 2012 but there are certain things I want to clear up that I feel you need to know.

First let’s start off with the “S.M.A.R.T” principal of setting goals, I will give you examples to clarify and what each letter stands for.

Specific – for example if you wanted to lose weight you’re not going to say “I want to lose lots of weight for 2012”. That wouldn’t be specific enough. You would say “I have lost 20lbs…” I will go into why I said have lost vs. will lose later but you can see that the specific part is the “20lbs”

Measurable – When you put a specific number, time or action you can see “20lbs” can be measurable. You can weigh yourself which I don’t recommend as a Holistic Practitioner, but for this example you can use weight scales to see how your progression is going. As well if it’s not working you can fix the blocking factor that is hindering you from your goal. Say it’s going out late, eating past 8pm, eating the wrong foods…etc.

Action Orientated– Now you have to put action towards it. For example working out 2 to 3 times a week, joining a training club, running room, martial arts, dancing, hiking depending on the time of the year…etc. Something that is active that will help you lose those “20lbs” and be fun for you.

Realistic – In this example realistic is something you can obtain. For example you’re not going to say “I have lost 20lbs by the end of today”. That is just starving yourself and setting you up to fail. It has to be realistic enough that there wouldn’t be any negative effects while trying to achieve your goal.

Timed – Timed is pretty straight forward, if you want to lose 20lbs in a very healthy way an example would be doing the actions to help you lose 1lb per day. For this example then you set the completion date for 20 days from the day you start. If you can realistically do it faster say 15 days then set that as your completion date.

The entire weight loss goal would look like this “On September 20th I have lost 20lbs, because I continue to hike, dance and do my yoga classes on a consistent basis…”

That is the basic premise of setting goals but I want to add a few tips and changes so that you can see 2012 are a little different.

First when it comes to wording “I will” vs. “I have”, I will is a future concept which means you are always working to achieve it but never achieving it. I have on the other hand means you already have achieved it even though it is not on the physical form. You are thinking that you have accomplished it, which puts a lot of energy behind it. When you think you have achieved something, do the actions on a consistent basis just as if you achieved that goal, you will see results.  For example do the activities like dancing, yoga…etc, eat healthy food, enjoy yourself. All that action and energy the weight will just come off and no dieting is needed and you are just having fun. But remember you have to put the energy out there as if you were that person who is 20lbs less. Not the same energy as a person holding on to 20 extra pounds would be doing, which brings me to my second point.

What energy are you putting in to achieve the results? I will use the example of money because that is always a New Year’s Resolution/Goal for a lot of people. “To Make More Money!”, correct?

I am sure we have all heard this quote

Insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results“. By Albert Einstein

Now think of it in relation to goal setting. You can’t use the same thinking, same energy to accomplish this goal “To Make More Money!”. You might use the S.M.A.R.T. principals but you still have to look at the energy you are putting in to achieve that goal as well as the value of your energy.

Here is an example, say I want to make $100,000 more this year. I have said enough is enough and created a goal “On December 1, 2012 I have $100,000 in my personal savings by seeing 20 clients per week, 1 professional talk per month and I have sold 2 books”. What do you think of this goal? Seems like it could be achievable? Maybe you sceptics are looking at this saying No you couldn’t do it, that is not realistic to make $100,000 extra per year.

Let me first show you why it wouldn’t be realistic and then I will show you how it is obtainable. This goes for all types of entrepreneurs and business people reading this.

You guys might have realized I am an analytical type person so I’m going to break down the numbers just to show you exactly so there is no guessing. Again sorry Coaches out there this is probably really pissing you off I’m giving a lot of this information away for Free. If I made $60,000 as of December 2011 and now I want to reach my goal of making an extra $100,000 by the end of 2012 which would equal $160,000 that is a huge raise and seems to be an unrealistic correct.

Let’s say my 2011 schedule is this below, to show you if I keep the same thinking and same energy I will fail at achieving my goal for 2012.

In 2011

I charge my Holistic Lifestyle clients $160/hr and saw an average of 6 clients per week $960 x 48 weeks in the year = $46, 000 (rounded off)

I did a few paid talks at $1,000 per talk x 5 talks last year = $5,000

I created a training course which made $2,000 this past year

I separated my Social Technology Coaching clients rate from my Holistic Lifestyle Coaching rates and started charging $200/hr at the end of November because of the energy I was putting in and value = $7,000

= $60,000 in income for last 2011. These numbers are not exact but they give you a idea of the energy I had to put in to receive the $60,000 at the end of the 2011.

This is not saying I didn’t work hard for my $60,000 and I didn’t deserve it. But I had the energy out to give me exactly what my energy return gave me.

If I use this same thinking, same energy to now try to increase my income to achieve $160,000 by December 1, 2012 will this work? The answer is NO!

What most people will do, and I have been there myself is work harder not smarter. In my old mindset I would work to increase my number of client’s to 20 per week, doing more talks per year at $1,000 per talk, try to write more books, teach more courses…etc. and end up burning themselves out. Now I might make $80,000 at the end of 2012 but now I’m stressed, overweight, seeing a therapist because my back is hurting…etc. Not a healthy situation.

I’m going to show you exactly what I would recommend and don’t get me wrong you will have to try this for yourself.

IMPORTANT! Before making any changes. There are some key things I would point out before you change your systems.

Do not change the rates on your existing clients. If you are charging your clients $160 per hour keep them at the same rate while you work on attracting new clients at your newer rate. This way you keep your base income coming in and there is no F.E.A.R. of losing revenue. Any New client will be quoted your new rate of say $200. One of the biggest challenges is that people try to change too quickly and are not prepared. With change comes a transition phase which takes time so through this phase you want to feel comfortable.

Next do not listen to your negative ego which I mentioned before in the article “The Secret’s To Challenges” . Your mind will try to tell you all sorts of things. That is OK, as long as you prepare yourself, do the numbers and then The Proper Actions you will get results. I mentioned the Proper actions because for example if I want to lose weight I don’t go eat Tim Horton’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner and then blame my personal training because I can’t lose 20lbs in 20 days. If you want to make more money you have to do The Proper Actions to achieve this goal. Meeting the right people, joint venturing on products, helping people, being genuine and not making it all about the revenue but truly helping…etc

I am posting an Article tomorrow morning to complement this one which is called “The Truth about Business…” where I do explain in the post how to figure out your hourly rate.

Let’s get back to the How I would plan to achieve my goal of $100,000 extra by December 1st 2012

First I would look at the energy I put out and the energy I get back, lets break that down.

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching = $160/hr

Live Talks = $1,000

Social Technologies Coaching =$200/hr

You can see just on this simple example that right now my Social Technologies Coaching is where I receive a higher energy return for the energy I put out. Talks/seminars require energy to setup, organize and then implement which to be honest last year’s $1,000 per talk was too low for me and I have increased my cost per talk to a $5,000 minimum per talk. Of course depending on the number of people that will be adjusted and the person I am working with. I do favours for my business friends because the energy in return doesn’t always have to be monetary. Again energy out energy in return.

Next is setting up systems that help people automatically that I don’t have to spend my minimum of $160/hr energy with someone if they can’t afford to work with me. Which I do appreciate, I have purchased books, audio’s…etc because I couldn’t sit down for a 60 minute session with Anthony Robbins at $10,000 per hour. I would recommend you use this approach, make it very easy for people to work with you whatever their situation is. To clarify I mean give them resources that people can go to, don’t give away your energy and time. Provide them with resources that they can use e-books, video’s, blogs, online video courses…etc you have setup. This way you work to set it up then you can direct people to these resources.

Here is how all of this looks.

My Social Technologies Coaching/Holistic Lifestyle coaching is now all one rate of $200 per hour. Anytime someone works with me they are getting all of me in each session. multiply that by 10 hours per week x 48 weeks = $96,000

New Talks quote $5,000 x 5 talks per 2012 = $25,000

Create a product/course that people can take online at their own convenience which will help people who might not be able to sit down with me at $200 per hour. This could be an e-book, online video course…etc

Estimated revenue of online products would be $200 a month x 20 people per month x 12 months = $48,000

Grand Total = $169,000 at the end of 2012.

Now the energy I have to put in is a little more at the start by setting up certain systems for example the online training courses but when I am done they will make residual income because I wouldn’t have to spend my time with them. I can focus on working on one on one coaching with clients and talks/seminars. Working with the community to be able to book the talks at $5,000 per . Then because the way I am setting myself up I will have the time so I can focus  on providing the valued education to helping the people I am working directly with.

Important! With your online systems make sure you monitor them at least weekly because as people start to get to know you and you are truly helping people, more people will come to you for help. This is where growth happens and you will see a lot of businesses are not ready for this growth because they never planned for it. Good place to be 🙂

Remember with this New 2012 Paradigm anything is possible you just have to know how to work with the energy.

Don’t forget to post your 2012 Goals below.

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Love & Chi,






  1. Lucy

    I decided I want to improve my fitness and meet new people. I have joined a trampolining club and am going to return to a roller derby team I started skating with last year but ended up not attending after some bitchiness from some of the other girls on the team. I don’t want to hang out with those girls socially and there are not many members of the trampolining club. I don’t know how to go about meeting new people. I have decided to say yes more when invited out for any occasion however most of the invites seem to come from single men, and that is really not what I am looking for. I work 15 hour shifts and find it difficult to maintain relationships. How do I start meeting more people!!

    • Brandon Krieger

      Good Morning Lucy,

      Thank you so much for your comment 🙂 You are on the right track on meeting new people and from what I am reading it looks like you are interested in meeting more girls in your life, which is great!

      Meeting New people is like dating you have to go through a few dates before you find one person that you like. This is no different from finding good friends.

      Here is some recommendations you can try.

      1) You are on the right track by saying “YES” when you are invited to occasions. Try to make it out to group occasions where your going to an event where there will be more people. This way you can meet people at the occasion as well. I don’t know how sociable you are because we have never spoken, but I would recommend at each occasion you start a conversation with at least 5 new people each time. Key here is not to talk about you, make the conversation about them. This way you can learn about what they like, their interest and see if it would be a friendship you would pursue. Then exchange phone number, facebook address, twitter names…etc whatever way you want to contact them to go out for a coffee…etc

      2) Go to parties, events, education seminars, networking events that you have a interest in. We meet most of the people we know from activities we do on a consistent bases, work, gym, dancing…etc. So when meeting new girls it is up to you to be on social events that you enjoy.

      3) Have Fun!

      Thanks Lucy for your comment and if you have any other questions let me know. As well let me know how it goes 🙂

      Love & Chi,

  2. Sailor

    I want to make this year completely my own. That is the main reason I resigned my job prior to the New year and started working on my own. I hope that this is going to be successful.


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