The Challenge

This project has been challenging for Carolyn because of her very busy schedule.  Between treating her clients, attending the Canadian College of Osteopathy school, and keeping up with her studies, Carolyn has found it difficult to maintain her weekly content marketing strategy.

Project Execution

The KNSS Consulting team worked with Carolyn to rebrand her practice and create a fresh, new online presence through her company website and social media marketing sites. We then helped her create a video marketing campaign to attract new patients to her practice.

Project Results

Both Carolyn and the KNSS Consulting team are pleased to see her community increase in such a short time. Carolyn’s YouTube video’s are becoming popular and she is enjoying a significant boost in visitor traffic to her website; KNSS Consulting’s aggressive social media marketing campaigns have had a very positive effect on Carolyn’s brand. An online search for Carolyn Zepf will reveal that she has become very well known in the therapy world.

Carolyn's Clinic




Website Design


Marketing Campaign

Clients Per Week

Carolyn’s Services:

Osteopathic Treatment Techniques

I use Osteopathic Manual Therapy with my patients. Osteopathy is a holistic form of hands on manual treatment. This means that any part your body that is in pain or dysfunction can benefit from this form of therapy as its main goal is to restore proper function and alignment.


Health Assessment

The Health Assessment is a 90 minute in depth health evaluation of your lifestyle and body. This assessment gives you a guide to better understand the blocking factors that are holding you back from your optimal health and wellness.

Custom Bracing

When a brace is required, I fit patients with trusted brand-name braces to meet their individual needs.

Whether you are interested in purchasing or being fitted for a brace, or require an assessment to verify that you are in need of a brace, orthopedic device or other equipment, I look forward to assisting you.

  • Customer Satisfaction 90% 90%
  • Training and Education 75% 75%
  • Support 90% 90%
  • Overall Experience 100% 100%
Thank you for getting me online!

“Working with the KNSS Consulting team has helped me learn how to market my business online. I’ve been able to attract the right clients who I love to work with. The video and social media marketing strategy you have implemented has helped potential clients learn about me and my service before they’ve booked their appointment. Thank you so much for all your help!” Carolyn Zepf Owner of

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