DailyCyber Podcast Interview

Thank you for your interest in being a guest on the DailyCyber Podcast. We want to know as much as we can about you before we have our awesome interview. This way we can make sure we have the best interview and provide massive value. Please take a few minutes and complete the questionnaire below:


Thank you so much for considering to be interviewed! After you complete the questionnaire you will be sent to DailyCyber’s calendar to book the date and time you would like to be interviewed.  We ask you to consider these guidelines prior to hitting the submit button.  Once your form has been received we will be sending you a follow-up e-mail with instructions of what we may need for the interview if that is the option you have selected.  Here are some guidelines we would like you to consider:

1) Hard pitching and selling will not be accepted. The goal for the interview is to discuss your business, potential Cybersecurity issues, your thoughts, opinions, and your expertise to help educate the Cybersecurity community. 

2) When you click submit you are agreeing to the interview with KNSS Consulting Group Inc. and authorizing KNSS Consulting Group Inc. permission to all material in the recorded interview to share and/or distribute your interview through KNSS Consulting Group Inc. marketing channels. 

3) The interview will be remote we will be using Restream Live Studio for our Podcasts to record both video and audio. Please test your HD web camera (1080p), microphone, headset/ear phones, high speed internet connection and a quiet area to make sure everything works properly prior to your interview. These requirements are to make sure we have the best video and audio quality for your interview.

**If we run into any technical issues or have any questions please let us know.

4) We ask that you share the recorded interview out through your community when it is published via your email list, social media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram….etc. 

5) KNSS Consulting will be monitoring for questions after the interview is live on KNSS Consulting social sites. We ask that you participate in the discussion but keep in mind hard selling and pitching is not permitted. Please provide your answers on the social site that the viewer/listener has responded on. This will help other viewers/listeners who may have similar questions in the future. KNSS Consulting Group will monitor and deal with any negative comments and/or trolls.