Social Media Marketing The Truth

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Brandon Krieger is the President of KNSS Consulting Group Inc. and a Toronto Social Media Marketing Consultant. He provides his Toronto Social Media Marketing Consulting clients systems on how to properly Brand, Research and Build a massive active community using Social Media Marketing.

He also educates his clients on how to properly educate their new community on the importance of their product and/or service through their Social Networks. Brandon shows how to build joint venture partnerships that grow each business organically in what he calls “Community Growth”. His success is largely due to how fast he was able to grow his Twitter Community and his ability to build relationships on his Social Networks using effective Social Media Marketing.

  • 19+ Years of IT experience
  • 7+ Years of Social Media Marketing Experience
  • Full Service Boutique Marketing Team
  • Professional Speaker
  • Business Consultant
  • Seen on RogersTV
  • Interviewed on Radio Shows

If you have any questions please contact Brandon here—>

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